We have two type of accommodation which is Dormitories and Family Room, we have 12 unit of dormitories that can accommodate 24-40 person per dorm. 24 units of family room that’s can accommodate 4 person per room.


Family Room


Main Hall

Rave YMCA main hall is multipurpose hall and it can accommodate up to 500 persons.

Seminar Room

We have 3 units of multipurpose seminar room

Water Dispenser

Our camp provide four water dispenser, two water dispensers located at lobby and two located in front of dining hall.

BBQ Area

Rave YMCA provide BBQ Area to campers if they request to have a BBQ. Two section of BBQ area with one BBQ pit for each section.

Dinning Hall

There is only one dining hall that’s can accommodate 250 persons at the same time.

Basketball Court & Parking Area

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